Super Spins

As free spins has become really popular there are online casinos that wants to take this phenomenom to a new level. There are also some high rollers that thinks that the value of the usual standard spins is too low. And this is totally understandable since most free spins that you get only have the smallest coin value activated. Lucky enough some casinos has now launched Super Spins with much higher value! Super Spins are actually getting more common so there are several casinos that offer these special spins to loyal players at the moment. Only a few of these operators gives away valuable Super Spins to new players but all casinos listed below offer active members Super Spins from time to time!

UK casinos with Super Spins

*Offers are items for terms and conditions such as wagering requirements

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/dunder-logo.pngNew customers only, +18, x25 wagering, T&Cs apply

£600 BONUS

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New customers only, +18, x30 wagering, T&Cs apply


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New customers only, +18, wagering requirements,, T&Cs apply


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Super Spins with higher value

Super Spins works just like free spins but with a big difference: much higher value! And this is certainly something that attracts players in UK. With Super Spins you can win amazing amounts of money without having to risk a pennie of your own. Super Spins comes in many different shapes and at some casinos even the name of the spins is different. For example some operators call these spins Mega Spins or Monster Spins but the principe is always the same. The value is always higher than the free spins that you are used to get. But the value may vary depending on which casino you are playing at and which player segment you belong to. For example new players at Thrills get 20 Super Spins in connection to their first deposit and these rounds are worth £1 per spin. While players at Casumo can enjoy Super Spins with a value of £3 if they succeed to reach a new level in the casino adventure on Sundays. And with the latter you are able to collect winnings of over £3000 on one single spin so you can just imagine how popular these Super Spins are!

A reward for loyalty and activity

Even if you play at the casinos we have listed in the chart above you aren't guaranteed Super Spins. Most of the times it requires something extra from your side to get the rounds. Super Spins is used as a reward for loyalty and activity and is suppose to be a desirable valuable that you have to earn and deserve. There are different ways to do this and sometimes you get clear directives of what to do in order to get these valuable spins. Some other times you might actually get a bunch of Super Spins without having to follow any instruction. A casino might just want to thank you for your loyalty and than Super Spins is the perfect way to do it.

If you are a high roller you can be certain to get valuable spins from time to time. Many casinos use Super Spins to re-activate costumers that has played a lot in the casino in the past. So if you have done this but haven't visit the casino for a while you might get an email or a text with a personal message about Super Spins. When this happens you don't have to make any deposit in order to get the Super Spins. The VIP team just want you back to the casino!

Terms for Super Spins

As Super Spins is a kind of a bonus that you get there are often some terms and conditions attached. Usually the terms for Super Spins are the same as the one for free spins. This also means that casinos that give away free spins without wagering requirements also apply this to their Super Spins. And when this is the case you really have the best opportunities to both win big and cash out! At some other casinos there are wagering requirements attached to the Super Spins. When wagering requirements are included in the terms you will not be able to cash out any winnings before you have reached the requirements. You do this by wagering your winnings a certain amount of times. How many times you have to wager the amount depends on the wagering requirements at the casino. Most casinos apply wagering requirements between x20 and x40. This is the amount of times you have to play through the winning amount before you can make a withdrawal. All casinos have different terms so you better read them through at each casino before you claim an offer with Super Spins.

How to get more valuable spins

If you are tired of getting free spins with low value Super Spins really is the thing for you! But as you have noticed it isn't that easy to get those valuable spins as it is getting the standard free rounds. This is just because of the high value and it would be very expensive for casinos to just hand out tons of Super Spins without require an activity from the player. But there are some ways to optimize the chances of getting more valuable spins. For example the chances of getting Super Spins increases a lot if you are being active at a casino. The more you deposit and wager at a casino the better rewards are waiting for you and to get the best bonuses and most valuable spins you have to belong to one of the higher player segments. But you can also stay loyal to a casino as this is something that is much appreciated.

A part from staying active and loyal you can participate in campaigns, raffles and tournaments that casinos arrange. Sometimes the prizes in these campaigns comes as Super Spins. So make sure you accept all newsletters where you can read about current promotion that is running at the casinos. Also check the campaign sites now and then to see what is going on in the casino and if there are any valuable Super Spins to get.


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